Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Circuit Info:

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking has been described by many trekkers as the best trekking route in rural Nepal. It is an extensive trek going deep into the remote mountain ranges on Nepal’s border with Sikkim and Tibet. The trail explores the area around Kanchenjunga the third highest mountain in the world. You will see a wide range of scenery from lush, tropical jungle through to rhododendron, chestnut and oak forests and then at higher altitudes into the alpine zone. You will see a range of Nepalese culture and life-style from Rai and Limbus to Tibetan Buddhist villages. The itinerary starts by reaching the north part of Kanchenjunga where you see views of Tent peak, Nepal peak, Cross peak and then at Base Camp Kanchenjunga itself becomes visible in front of us.

    From Pangpema our trek returns to Lumba Samba and then crosses the Mirgin La or either Lapsang La pass over to the south side of Kanchenjunga. Once over this pass we visit the yak pastures of Ramche and Oktang where there are impressive views of the south west face of Kanchenjunga, considered as one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in the world.

  • Itinerary
  • Day 01: Kathmandu – Basantapur (Fly to Biratnagar and 6 hour drive to Basantapur)
    Day 02: Basantapur – Chauki (8790ft. 2680m). About 6 hours walk
    Day 03: Chauki – Gupa Pokhari (9478 ft. 2890m). About 5 hours walk.
    Day 04: Gupa Pokhari – Nesum ( 5313ft.1620m). About 6-7 hours walk.
    Day 05: Gorgagoan – Thumma( 2492ft.760m). About 5-6 hours walk.
    Day 06: Thumma – Chirwa (3903ft. 1190m). About 6-7 hours walk.
    Day 07: Chirwa – Sakathum (5378ft. 1640m). About 5-6 hours walk.
    Day 08: Sakathum – Amjilosa (8167ft. 2490m). About 5 hours walk.
    Day 09: Amjilosa – Gyabla (8954ft. 2730m. About 4-5 hours walk.
    Day 10: Gyabla – Gunsa (11184ft.3410m). About 6-7 hours walk.
    Day 11: Acclimatitazation Day at Ghunsa.
    Day 12: Ghunsa - Khambachen (13612ft. 4150m). About 5-6 hours walk.
    Day 13: Khambachen – Lhonak (15711ft. 4790m). About 5 hours walk.
    Day 14: Lhonak – Pangpema (16859ft. 5140m). About 3-4 hours walk. Explore Kanchenjunga north Base Camp.
    Day 15: Pangpema – Khangpachen (13612ft. 4150m). About 6 hours walk.
    Day 16: Khangpachen - Lumba Samba (13795ft. 4206m) We select to cross either of the 2 passes today depending on the weather conditions: Lapsang La, the higher pass at 5180m or the Mirgin La at 4500m.
    Day 17: Lumba Samba – Ramche (15022ft. 4580m). About 5-7 hours walk.
    Day 18: Explore around Kanchenjunga South Base Camp.
    Day 19: Ramche – Cheram (12693ft. 3870m).About 5 hours walk.
    Day 20: Cheram – Tortong( 9823ft. 2995m). About 5-6 hours walk.
    Day 21: Tortong – Yamphudin (6822ft. 2080m). About 5-6 hours walk.
    Day 22: Yamphudin – Anpan (6691ft. 2040m). About 5 hours walk.
    Day 23: Anpan – Tembewa (6560ft. 2000m). About 4-6 hours walk.
    Day 24: Tembewa - Taplejung or Suketar/1780m-2300m. About 5-7 hours walk.
    Day 25: Taplejung or Suketar – Kathmandu.

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