Lumbini Pilgrim Tour

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It is time to venture Lumbini, a classic pilgrim tour, which will linger on the back of your mind. The religious spirit of this tour is so inspiring that your eyes will witness remarkable power of soothing Buddhism and a classic spot. Lumbini will always be the place of significance because here in the heart of Lumbini, the founder of the Buddhism is represented by his blessing, by his holy birth. Because of this, Lumbini becomes one of the rarest places, that is, Cultural World Heritage site. There is an authentication on the Ashoka Pillar that says that Buddha was born in Lumbini, and there is nothing better expression than to express this way. It will always be wonderful to visit Lumbini because it also has green vegetation. Your attention will be caught by several beautiful shrines, constructed for the devotees and visitors, who want to be completely fulfilled in the bosom of Buddhism as soon as they introduce to the positive vibes of Lumbini.

In Lumbini Pilgrim Tour, you have to walk, and the point of walking is you will encounter Maya Devi Temple and Pushkarni Pond where the baby Buddha was given his first bath after the birth. Lumbini has also been tagged with the “Fountain of World Peace and the Holiest pilgrimage center of Buddhist and peace loving people of the world”. Lumbini resumed every bit of lost power, and Lumbini has earned every word, such as religious, peace, and beautiful, and all this goes to the contributions of the world’s famous architect Pro. Tange of Japan. The master plan segregates the Lumbini area into four main components: the sacred Garden which includes the Maya Devi Temple and the Ashoka Pillar; the monastic zone; the cultural centre; and the Lumbini village. Since the early 1980s, many Buddhist countries have made a significant contribution to the infrastructural development of an ancient Lumbini in a dramatic way.

  • Itinerary
  • Day 01: Welcome to Nepal, transfer to Hotel
    Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing
    Day 03: Fly to Bhairawa then drive to Lumbini
    Day 04: Morning visit to monastery, pray for world peace {Explore day around Lumbini}
    Day 05: Fly back to Kathmandu free day for shopping
    Day 06: Departure to your home

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