Makalu Base Camp Trek

Circuit Info:

One of the most popular trekking destinations among solitary trekkers, Makalu Base Camp offers an exceptional opportunity to explore high-altitude terrains, snow-clad landscapes and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. Our journey begins with an hour-long flight to Tumlingtar whereas the real trek starts from Chichila. The lower reaches of the trail are renowned for their lushness with verdant rhododendron forests whereas the upper reaches of the trail comprise of polished granite cliffs capped by hanging glaciers, overflowing with waterfalls. The 22-day Makalu Base Camp Trek is an ideal choice for avid trekkers and nature enthusiasts who seek solace and tranquility in pristine natural habitat and those who wish to avoid crowds.

  • Itinerary
  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft)
    Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing
    Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar then drive to Chichira (1,980m/6497ft): 50 mins flight, 3-4 hours drive
    Day 04: Chichira to Num (1,560m/5119ft): 6-7 hours
    Day 05: Num to Seduwa (1,500m/4922 ft): 6-7 hours
    Day 06: Seduwa to Tashigaon (2,100m/6890ft): 4-5 hours
    Day 07: Tashigaon to Khongma Danda (3,500m/11,483 ft): 6-7 hours
    Day 08: Acclimatization/Rest
    Day 09: Khongma Danda to Dobate: 6-7 hours
    Day 10: Dobate to Yangri Kharka (3,557m/11,670 ft): 6-7 hours
    Day 11: Yangri Kharka to Langmale Kharka: (4,410m/14,468ft): 5-6 hours
    Day 12: Langmale Kharka to Makalu Base Camp: (4,870m/15,978ft): 6-7 hours
    Day 13: Explore Makalu Base Camp
    Day 14: Makalu Base Camp to Yangri Kharka: 6-7 hours
    Day 15: Yangri Kharka to Dobate: 6-7 hours
    Day 16: Dobate to Khongma Danda: 5-6 hours
    Day 17: Khongma Danda to Tashigaon: 4-5 hours
    Day 18: Tashigaon to Seduwa: 4-5 hours
    Day 19: Seduwa to Num: 5-6 hours
    Day 20: Num to Tumlingtar: 6-7 hours
    Day 21: Tumlingtar to Kathmandu: 50 mins flight
    Day 22: Final departure

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